Dock Products

Boyd Garage Doors LLC provides loading dock products such as vehicle restraints, mechanical and hydraulic Edge-Of-Dock Levelers, Full pit type Dock Levelers, Dock Seals, Dock Lights and other related safety equipment. Maintenance is very important on loading docks, manufactures need to ship their products on time to stay competitive and likewise need to receive shipments to stay functioning. We offer a comprehensive and competitive Preventative Maintenance Plan. We are dealer/distributors of Rol-Lift/Blue Giant Dock Levelers, RPI Dock Seals, and Chalfant products.

Rol-Lift Loading Dock Equipment

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Whether it's for new construction or retro-fit applications, Rol-Lift offers superior solutions to your dock leveler needs. Rol-Lift designed its Dock Leveler to maintain structural integrity, product longevity, and require minimal maintenance.

Mechanical Dock Leveler

There two basic types of dock levelers based on the method of activation. Mechanical dock levelers are spring biased upwards and incorporate a hold down mechanism, while hydraulic units are powered by an electro-hydraulic system. While the initial cost of a mechanical dock leveler is less than a hydraulic unit, the long term operating cost for a hydraulic dock leveler is generally lower.

Rotary Products Compression Seals

Compression Seals

Rotary Products has been manufacturing quality custom compression dock seals for over 20 years. In our efforts to produce the finest compression dock seal available we have studied and monitored the performance of not only our own products, but those of our competitors. These studies have resulted in an evolution of quality that is unsurpassed in our industry. We know that special dock seal designs are needed to accommodate different slopes and sizes of trailers and that’s what makes our dock seals outlast our competitors. If you want the most clearance for forklift traffic and products, a tight seal for insulation and protection against fumes, dirt, dust, insects and other unwanted matter, you have come to the right place.